About Me

Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a 37 year old Bay Area native with a serious web addiction. I have been building web sites and applications since my High School days of the past millennium. Although I grew up in the East Bay (Walnut Creek), my family and I relocated to Davis, CA after my Freshmen year in High School. During my first summer in Davis, I picked up a beginners HTML book as a means to stay busy, and the rest is history.

Throughout high school, I experimented with a wide variety of computer technologies: web design, web programming, graphic design and windows programming. I quickly found out that I had absolutely no hope as a graphic designer, however it was the online development that really sparked my interest. I spent most of my free time building new designs and tweaking existing ones (in MS FrontPage *shudder*) and wound up with a fairly sizable portfolio of websites of questionable quality (both in terms of content and design). The two highlights of my high school accomplishments were 3.8 Mustang (which survives to this day) and Sean's Goldeneye Page, which, not so sadly, is no longer online (but can be accessed courtesy of archive.org at this url).

College came and passed fairly quietly. During this time I further developed my development skills, picking up working knowledge of technologies including PHP, MySQL, C++, Perl and Linux/Apache server administration. Unfortunately, college does not leave much free time for personal projects, so the only real product that came out of these four years was Siscast, an online tool to help UCD students plan their schedules. This site is still under constant development and remains one of my main working projects/hobbies. It is a really cool piece of technology, however you pretty much need to be a UCD student to be able to use it.

With the end of college, I had to find a real job. I pretty much just applied to the first company that interested me, and got right to work (well, there was a one year stint where we tried to commercialize Siscast, but I'm trying to forget that). I moved back to the Bay Area, and that's pretty much that. I am currently trying to update my knowledge of HTML/CSS, which I have pretty much ignored since 2001, and I'll be the first to say that a lot has certainly changed since then. This site is the first step in my experimentation with all the changes that have occurred in web design since I left it so long ago.

Now it may be time for me to start working on my off-line life as well (but then why the hell did I waste my weekend making this site?).

Surf On!

Sean Regan